Ann's Adventures in Travel for Singles

Ann Toback Single President Tour Planner Executive
I don’t just offer you packages-I create them........ Don’t just think about it-experience it!

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What will you find when traveling with “Ann’s Adventures in Travel”?
Fun, excitement, friendship, and laughs. (Maybe even romance?)

Ann’s Adventures in Travel is all about planning exciting adventures for single adults.

Our goal is  to provide you with the most amazing experiences possible and memories that will last a lifetime.
It is not only where you go, but what you will do and the people you will meet to share your experiences with.
If you are single, you don’t have to sit home or travel alone.
You can travel with other professional singles like yourself and have the safety of a group travel package.

Best of all, you will not have to pay a forced single supplement since I try to arrange roommate matching.


Of course couples and groups of friends are welcome as well.
The size of your groups will be limited to 10-20 people.
This small group guarantee insures that you will have more personal attention and form a close relationship with the travelers on your tour.
Wherever we travel, I will be your escort as well as tour manager and ensure all your needs are met.
You will not only enjoy the planned activities, but also the fun of spontaneous ones.
We do not  ”pack in” activities back to back so there are many optional activities offered.
This way, if you choose to have more leisure time you will always have that option.




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