Singles Travel Group

(subsidiary of Ann’s Adventures in Travel)

Singles Travel Group offers many Singles Vacations, including cruises.  What sets us apart are our Travel Deals listed below.

Travel Deals:

  • Customize your Vacation Packages to your interests and fitness levels (i.e. sports, hikes, nightlife, side trips, etc.)
  • Tour Guide that is knowledgeable about the local area, is fun, and will show you sights few get see
  • Tour Manager on each trip
  • Small Groups (10-20 people) insure bonding and individualized attention
  • Roommate Matching
  • Cheap Flights
  • Hotel Deals on Luxury Hotels
  • Vacation filled with Fun, Excitement, Friendship, LaughsPrecious Moments, and Memories (Maybe even romance?)

Singles Vacations:


  • Singles Sailing Cruise
  • Wine Country Cruise
  • Bahamas Cruise
  • Caribbean Cruises


Small Group Guarantee:  The size of your travel group will be limited to 10-20 people.  The small group insures that you will have more personal attention. Also you’ll have a chance to form a close relationship with the travelers on your tour.  Couples and groups of friends are welcome too.
Personalized Attention:  Wherever we travel, I will be your tour guide and tour manager.  I will ensure all your travel needs are met.  Some tours have additional private tour guides.
Relaxed Schedule:  We plan a relaxed schedule of activities giving us time for possible spontaneous activities.  I’ll also provide you with a list of many additional activities.  You can choose to be as active as you’d like.

Never Miss Out Again