Once you think of Jurassic Park, most likely you will be thinking of the Galapagos Islands. This is where the evolution theory started. The Galapagos Islands are unique, in that you can see some species, close to extinction. This is really an experience of a lifetime.

Would you think it is possible to swim with wild penguins, sea lions and sea turtles all in one place? Would you think it is possible to find marine iguanas that dive into the ocean to feed on seaweed and giant land tortoises roaming through terrain that looks like they are walking on Mars? Would you also think that it is possible to walk along the nests of breeding seabirds without making them fly away? All of this is possible while visiting the place that inspired Charles Darwin to propose his amazing evolutionary theory back in 1859.

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Come with us in this incredible trip, you will be amazed of the species that exist in this part of the world. Species that you can’t see anywhere else but in this remote archipelago, The Galapagos Islands. You will see the origin of the world reflected on each of this species that won’t be afraid of you…

Words are not enough to express what you will see, not only the living species but the incomparable landscapes not possible to be seen anywhere but in the Galapagos Islands.

Come with us, we guarantee your absolute satisfaction or your money will be returned to you…

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