I have been working as a tour guide for other companies part/time and planning trips for friends, singles or not, and groups for many years. I am always the person my friends ask to “pick a place” and organize an outing or a trip. Now, as a single woman and retired from my teaching career, I have decided to launch my own travel company and pursue my passion for travel and sharing with others. I research my trips extensively to find the best activities and adventures that appeal to active adults. I have a “knack” for finding hotspots, great restaurants and places off the beaten path.

Ann Toback Single President Tour Planner Executive

Ann's Adventures in
Travel for Singles

When you travel with Ann’s Adventures in Travel, you are traveling with the best. The local guides I hire in each region are the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic professionals, eager to share their culture with you and to show you the best of the region being visited. They are only too happy to answer any of your questions about the history and each attraction on your tour. Besides the regular landmarks, they will explore local hidden gems and go to incredible places few people ever get to experience

As the Tour Manager and Chief Experience Officer (CEO), I will make sure all the needs of my group are accommodated each day. If you have a specific interest (such as Snuba?), I will make that happen. If there is an emergency (lost luggage, illness), I will be there to help. I truly want to make your vacation special.

Welcome to our new guests—after this you will swear off traditional “tour companies” forever! I look forward to seeing you on my next trip to San Antonio.

I truly want to make your vacation special.