There are probably loads of questions spinning around in your head and we want to be able to help you out a little. From costs to routes, working to sleeping, we’ve pulled together some great advice and answers for you. Click on the green arrow to reveal the answer. If you have any question not mentioned in this page, please Contact Us. We will answer immediately.

What are the hotels like?

Most hotels are moderate 3 star and 4-5 star hotels, depending on the location. Sometimes we may choose to use condos or small boutique hotels.

How do we arrange our flights?

Some of our trips include airfare.  Other trips you can book your own flights to arrive on designated day and time.

How do we choose roommates?

We match roommates on gender, geographic locations, age and smoking preference. Two weeks before the tour, you will receive notification of your roommate assignment. We will also give you the email of your roommate if you choose to contact each other before the trip.

Do most singles travel by themselves?

Yes, the majority comes to meet new friends. Don’t stay home-join us!

How do I meet up with other travelers?

For those trips doing group departure, you will get an e-ticket and meet the group at the ticket counter or gate at the designed airport, bus terminal or train station. If you do your own arrangements for travel, you may meet in route or at the hotel. 

What if I have to cancel a trip?

Planned Cancellation policies vary per trip. In most cases, a deposit cancellation date of 90 days prior to the trip is set. Any cancellation before that date, will get a full deposit refund. Please see the specific cancel and refund date on the trip itinerary page for the trip you are booking.activities will be for any fitness level.

What is the age range on your trips?

Most travelers will be from the ages of 35 and up.

Why is travel insurance so important?

You invest your money in your vacation. If something happens before or during the trip, you would lose your investment. Most travelers get it for peace of mind.

Will I have time to explore on my own?

Yes, most of our trips have included some group tours, as well as many optional activities. There is also leisure time to explore the other things you may want to see and do. Planned activities will be for any fitness level.

What about signing the Release Agreement?

All travelers are required to sign and return “Ann’s Adventures in Travel” agreement before final Documents will be sent. Just click on the “Release, Terms and Conditions” download the form, sign it and mail it back to our address.